Birth belongs to women, babies, and families

For the vast majority of our history as a species, pregnancy and birth have been the domain of women. Not women physicians, surgeons, or even midwives — just women! We know, in our collective consciousness, that birth will always belong to women.

The trade union representing obstetricians in the US, ACOG,  continues its smear against midwives and homebirth with regular press releases, garbage science, and other low-brow tactics aimed at securing their financial and medical monopoly over childbirth. Other OB/GYN groups and publications have also jumped in the bad-science ring in an effort to undermine the well-established safety of midwife-attended birth at home. In light of the physician groups’ continued demonstrations that they are threatened by safe, normal, woman-centered birth at home, I’d like to share some images in solidarity with birthing women everywhere.

Here’s to you, birthing women! Here’s to the power, beauty, and dignity of woman-centered birth!








Thank You:

Amy Amos


Christy Scherrer

Hallie and Scott Greider

Rachel Ullrich

Johan Ras Photography

Jessica Clifford

Christine and Joaquin Herrera

Anne Stone

Dana and Andrew Willms

Meg Solley

Julie Sharpe



14 thoughts on “Birth belongs to women, babies, and families

  1. wow. it is so true and I would love to make my other children’s entry to the world more natural. I think with E I was scared, I went through the pregnancy without my partner (he was out of state till she was 6 months) and no one in my family had a birth other than with a doctor.

    I love it!!! And I need to do my research and find one where we will be moving 🙂

    Do you know anyone who is reputable in Puebla, Pue. Mexico? We will be moving there to be with my husband’s family in March and plan to be trying for our second child around the same child.

    Thank you for sharing the story and inspiration.

    • Rachelle, you can do it! You will undoubtedly be surrounded by women doing it! And if you have internet capabilities you will discover a vast community of women here and there willing to lend love and support! My partner grew up in Mexico and has some connections there…I will look into those, there is the wonderful international midwife section on Midwifery Today where you can find contacts in Mexico. forum has an international section too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I am truly without words!

    These photos are salve for my soul today. I read an article this morning in which an OB describes nearly “wrestling” a laboring woman back in bed, b/c the woman was angry and was walking out of the L&D room. Wrestling? Really? Is this what birth has come to in our country? I was nearly in tears as I pondered this. It shouldn’t surprise me, but yet it never fails to pain me deeply. (And I am formulating a blog post about this, too! Gotta get it outta me!)

    You are SO right: birth belongs to women! Solidarity indeed. Thank you.

    • I agree! Words are lovely too, but images really have the power to quickly shift something deep inside of us. I started this blog page primarily for women bonking around online who may stumble into instinctive birth and midwifery. These images are for them, and for all of us who have been so saturated lately by ACOGs anti- normal birth propaganda going around.

  3. Hi Rachelle –

    Please contact Joni Nichols of Plenitude ( at joninicholsATalestraDOTnetDOTmx
    I am sure she will be able to help you find a care giver who works in congruency with your birthing needs/wants in Puebla.

    Good luck ! You can do it !!

    Wonderful photos, Erin. I recognize a few of the women in them, internet birth junkie that I am. 😛

  4. Oh, I love these pictures! Especially the one of the whole family. I am going to have my son present for the birth of this little one that is “cooking”. I don’t know if he will really understand, but. . .

  5. Hi Erin,

    Job well done, and seems to me like we are fighting the same battle in Australia with regards to keeping home births legal.

    The photo of our family you have up on the blog is one of our most amazing experiences and well have to make the decision in the next year whether we’ll do a home birth and run the risk of being prosecuted if all else fails and home births are banned in Australia. I cannot imagine having to go into hospital after the experience of a home-water birth! The relaxed atmosphere and the attention of the midwifes was a cut above the general hospital system.

    Let us know how the US heads up in the rights of woman and families for home births.


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