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It’s 2010, let’s STOP pitting feminism against breastfeeding!

Here are two excellent pieces exploring the social and personal dynamics among breastfeeding, feminism, and class: “What does feminism have to do with breastfeeding?” from the Breastfeeding Medicine blog: “After all, the conventional wisdom is that breastfeeding is a maternal duty that forces women to eschew their career aspirations to fulfill some ideal of motherhood, while … Continue reading

Circumcision is no longer the norm – Oprah talk

Over the last few decades, parent’s and physician’s attitudes towards circumcision have radically changed. Parents are thoughtfully re-considering  what once was a routine, almost unquestioned procedure in the U.S. We’re now finally talking about what it means to permanently surgically alter an unconsenting baby’s body. It’s great to see this human rights issue for boys … Continue reading